Flake for Shrimp and Fish Larvae

V8-RED FLAKE are excellent feed made from a variety of nutritious natural ingredients. The selection of the ingredients and gentle processing ensure an excellent digestibility by the shrimp and fish larvae. They are rich in protein from protein and other important nutrients stimulate fast growth and high survival.

Product Analyze

Protein, Min: 45 %, Fiber, Max: 3%
Fat, Min: 8%, Moisture, Max : 8%

Benefit :

High content of easily digestible proteins.
Excellent water stability – does not pollute the water
Good digestibility
Excellent palatability


Mysis-PL1 : 3-5 grams used 140-60 mesh.
PL2-PL5 : 5-10 grams used 60-35 mesh.
PL6-PL15 : 10-20 grams used 35-25 mesh.
For 1,000 fish larvae feed 30-50 gm/day.

Packaging :

1, 2 kilograms per bag
5, 10, 20 kilograms per carton